About Us

Who we are

Jide Technology was founded by three ex-Google engineers with a mission to unlock the potential of Android in order to accelerate a new age of computing. At our core, we are a software company first with a vision to build products that empower people to be more productive in the mobile era of computing.

We started Jide...

  • to embrace the mobile era.
  • because we think it's time for a change.
  • because we think Android is the platform to achieve that change.
  • to take advantage of Android's incredible ecosystem.
  • because we understand that it's the content and what you can do on your platform that matters.
  • because we see that the future of operating systems is Android, and we're here to take it to the next level.

Android can be more

Android is the most popular operating system in the world. It was designed as a mobile OS for smartphones and later extended to tablets, TVs, wearables and cars. But what about PCs? What about empowering people to be productive with Android? It helps you consume your content, why not also help you create your content and get stuff done?

We knew Android could be even more and that it's potential still hasn't peaked. So, we put our nose to the grind with our mission driving us and our vision to remind us why we were working.

Remix OS is the key

Remix OS is the result of our mission and is the key to our vision. It's an operating system based on Android that is custom engineered to increase productivity in mind.

Imaging taking the productivity advantages and habits of PC operating systems

  • multitasking multi-windows
  • physical keyboard optimization
  • keyboard shortcuts, etc.

and building them onto the inherent advantages and intuitiveness of mobile operating systems

  • full app ecosystem
  • touchscreen optimization
  • resource efficient operation, etc.

That is what Remix OS is.

Imagine an operating system that could run seamlessly in any computing form factor. The hardware variations would be like vessels and one operating system would be able to fit each container like water. That is what Remix OS aims to be.

Imagine being able to leverage Remix OS and work with manufacturers to bring down the cost of Android components, platforms and hardware across the board. The power of computers would be accessible to people who need them but couldn't previously afford them. That's why Jide exists.

Why we exist

We are not a company just building products to sell. We are about building products that have the potential to change the world.

We are not a company only interested in the bottom line. We are interested in removing barriers to access of information and technology.

PCs have dominated the computer industry for almost 30 years now. We believe it's time for a change. We want to change the world through Remix OS. This is our time.

Jeremy, Ben and David

Co-Founders of Jide.

Who we are

Cofounder Jeremy Chau
  • Jeremy Chau
  • Jeremy graduated from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology with a BS in Electrical Engineering, and got an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He joined Google in 2000, and was the 103rd employee on staff. Jeremy was the 1st engineer on AdWords, RPC, Google Talk, among other projects. Jeremy left Google in 2008, and started angel investing. Among his portfolio companies, Lightinthebox.com went public on the NYSE in June 2013. Jeremy cofounded Jide in 2014.
Cofounder Ben Luk
  • Ben Luk
  • Ben graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Computer Science and got an MS in Computer Engineering from Stanford University. After graduation, he worked at Microsoft and Oracle. Then in 2003, he joined Google and held different positions in the US global headquarter, Beijing and HK offices. Ben was in charge of the development of Google Maps APAC. Ben cofounded Jide in 2014.
Cofounder David Ko
  • David Ko
  • David graduated from University of Washington with a BS in Computer Engineering. After graduation, he joined two startups in succession of which the latter was acquired by Google. He joined Google US and was appointed to the Shanghai Office in 2011 where served as staff software Engineer. In his 8 years in Google, David worked on a number of projects such as web crawler, Google Finance, Google Suggest, cloud input method, AdWords. David cofounded Jide in 2014.