PC experience on Android

Remix OS has kept and optimized most of our computing functions and habits born from using our PCs, physical keyboards and mice. An iconic example is our multitasking multiple windows feature.

And, while Remix OS is 100% compatible with all Android apps, we've also optimized the core PC functions that most users cannot be without: emailing, browsing and document creation.

Remix OS background

What they said about us

  • "Remix OS goes beyond standard Android."
  • - extremetech
  • "The software is what really makes this device special."
  • - liliputing
  • "Remix is the Android tablet that can replace your laptop."
  • - mashable
  • "Remix OS could finally turn Android into the hybrid OS that Windows never was."
  • - pcworld
Remix OS, available globally for free licensing

Supported platforms

Remix OS. Supported platforms

Supported form factors

Remix OS. Supported form factors Supported Android versions: Android 5.1

Remix OS is free for licensing.

Remix OS is free for licensing

For more info on licensing partnerships, please contact bd@jidemail.com

Disclaimer: Remix OS is only licensed to authorized business partners and pre-loaded on specific product models of those partners. It's not intended for personal use.