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Built for and with our community.

Remix OS began as a vision for a world in which the boundaries between mobile and PC would forever be eliminated. Join the millions of users who have already switched to Remix OS and become a part of the future of Android PC.

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Universally Android.

Remix OS gives you access to over 2+ million Android apps and games. Most are free and can be installed with a single click from any Android app store of your choice.







The freedom of choice.

A key advantage to Remix OS’ Android app ecosystem is the flexibility to choose the apps that best fit your habits and preferences.

  • Android Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat on PC
  • Android WPS Office, Google Docs, Microsoft Word on PC
  • Android Kodi, MX Player, Youtube on PC
  • Chat
  • Work
  • Watch

If you already use Android, you’ll love what you can do with Remix OS.

Think of Remix OS as the love-child between an intuitive PC desktop experience and Android apps + games. The multitude of features we’ve meticulously engineered into Remix OS are designed to bring you the best of both worlds - a complete fusion of mobile and PC.

  • Multiple window multi-tasking on Android Remix OS

    Play multiple games simultaneously while chatting with your friends. Remix OS’ multi-window support means you can spend less time switching between screens and more time doing what you want and need to do.

  • PC taskbar on Android start menu notifications

    We've brought the taskbar back to Android to help you do more with less. When you do need to switch apps and games, switch effortlessly with the touch of an icon or click of a mouse.

  • PC keyboard shortcuts and mouse right click use on Remix OS

    Use your mouse and keyboard with Remix OS just as you would on a PC. We've made sure to take no shortcuts in giving you the ability to perform faster and better while interacting with your favorite apps and games.

  • PC file manager on Android Remix OS

    Our File Manager comes with an amazing collection of functionalities that makes sure you can access, transfer, and save files like never before on Android.

  • Android mobile screen capture on PC Remix OS

    Introducing the most advanced screen capture functionality on a PC. Our screen-capture allows you to target specific apps and games so you don’t have to waste time cropping out the junk later.

  • Free OTA updates on Remix OS Android PC

    Never worry again if you're up to date with the latest release of Remix OS. Our OTA updater automatically brings you the newest version of our software.

  • Multiple Window Multi-tasking

  • Taskbar

  • Keyboard/Mouse Optimization

  • File Manager

  • Screen Capture

  • Regular Updates

Experience Remix OS for free in 3 easy steps.

Through our game-changing Remix OS for PC, you can experience Remix OS for yourself on your PC. The setup process is 3 quick and easy steps. Oh right, did we mention it was free?

  • Download
    Remix OS for PC

  • Install
    Remix OS for PC

  • Restart and boot
    Remix OS

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