Android-x86 partners with Remix OS!

Android-x86 partners with Remix OS

Our mission is to pioneer Android PCs and we believe that Android’s next evolutionary step is to allow you to create content as easily as you consume content on your Android devices. This is why we’re so excited to announce a partnership with the Android-x86 Project.

The Android-x86 Project has laid the foundation for Android to run on x86 PCs and Remix OS seeks to create an intuitive experience for Android users in a PC environment. This partnership also makes it possible for us to achieve another goal of ours - to build simple and effective tools for the mind that positively affect as many lives as possible.

Together, we push the boundaries of what is possible for the future of computing and fill a vital void in Android so that you can use it to create content as easily as you consume content.

While the Android-x86 Project will continue to be an independent open source project, our aim is work closely together to push forward Android running on x86 PCs so that the technology and the experience advance together. We will also contribute to the Android-x86 Project community.

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